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The Island Girl Cover Up

Time to get summertime fine with The Island Girl cover up.

Made up of chain stitches & dcs to give this piece a “lacy” & airy type look and feel.

This piece works up super fast because of the big stitches and can be whipped up in a few hours. Make it with your favorite cotton yarn, for a lightweight piece to wear poolside in the backyard, or to showoff at the beach.

Summer is coming. Are you ready?

$3.50 USD

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The Raindrop Cardi

Raindrops keep falling on my head. No really the Raindrop Cardi is a little cute, & unique cardi that’s a must to add to your little one’s wardrobe.

Made from 1 rectangle, hdcs, dcs, & chain stitches, this piece can totally be whipped up in a day. No seriously it can. The chain stitches gives the cardi a “lace” like look throughout the entire piece, and the ruffles on the trim adds for an “old school dainty” vibe. 

Make it with Red Heart Ombre in the color violet for a vibrant and fun transitioning of purple hues throughout your little cardi.

$2.99 USD

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My Baby Love Bib

My Baby Love bib is a stylish, & fun, spin on an old favorite.

Made up of dcs, hdcs, and surrounded by a picot border, this little unique bib will have your little one fashionable before they even begin to walk.

Make it with red heart yarn in the camo color, or shoot for a solid color surrounded by a variegated color to add a little fun to it. The choice is your and the possibilities are endless.

$1.25 USD

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kimono, crochet, double crochet, sweater, cardigan, 2bossayknits

The California Love Kimono

Swing into spring and splash into summer with the California Love Kimono. An airy and light, versatile piece that you will be sure to grab out of your closet when you’re on the go.

Made of dc, hdc, and chain stitches, this piece will work up quick, and fast in no time. The cotton yarn helps to keep your body at just the right temp when you need a “lightweight” layering piece for those cool days.

This hand painted cotton yarn came from a local yarn shop and it’s by Araucania in the color Coricancha. If you have a favorite cotton yarn you have been dying to use, this would be the piece and now would be the time. Or you can opt to make it with any cotton yarn. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.

$4.99 USD

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The Windy Weather Cardi

What's 44ins in length, color blocked, made up of dcs, fpdc, bpdc, & scs, with roomy, baggy sleeves, and will keep you warm no matter what the season is? The Windy Weather Cardi, that's what!

A few evenings watching your favorite Netflix movie, and you will have this piece knocked out. 

Make this cardi in your favorite color choices, and have folks stopping you to ask "where did you get your sweater from?"

So grab your hooks, and yarn, turn on Netflix, and make it a crochet & chill night!

$4.99 USD

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shrugs, crochet, chunkycrochet, sweater, cardigan, yellow

The March Madness Shrug

It's March madness time, and who's ready to whip up some extra coziness  to wear while enjoying all the excitement from the games?

The March Madness shrug is made from just 1 rectangle, your favorite yarn (either 2 strands or bulky weight), & an M hook. Sleeves are added at the end, once the body is constructed. 

Designed to be oversized, and with a baggy fit, to give you all the joy and comfort of your favorite blanket.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your yarn, and hook, and let the games begin!

$4.99 USD

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cardi, fringe, boho sweater, bohemian sweater, boho style

The Patterson Cardi

Why need luck, when you got the charm?! Spring fever is here, and the perfect cardi can help you make the transition into the new season.

The Patterson Cardi has arrived and in time not only for St. Patty’s day, but with spring around the corner, who knew?

Made up of dc stitches and some fringe added around the bottom, gives this a fun & trendy look. Tie and secure it with the belt, or not and you’re out the door.

Grab your hook and some red heart yarn in your favorite color, and catch spring fever with this fun Patterson Cardi!

$4.99 USD

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My Lucky Crop Sweater

Hello Spring! We’ve been waiting on you! No seriously, who’s ready for some warmer weather? I know I am. My Lucky Crop sweater is just the piece to get you ready to make that transition.

A short, and cute crop sweater that’s thick in texture, and extra trendy in fashion with the added fringe to the sleeves.

Make it with 2 strands of Big Twist yarn in the color emerald, or opt for a more chunkier or bulky yarn to achieve the same effect. Either way, it’s a win win with whatever you choose!

$2.99 USD

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It's A Wrap Sweater

It’s a wrap! A pullover sweater that looks like knit, but is actually crochet that’s done by creating rib stitches.

This is definitely your next cozy and cute sweater made to wear for those cold & winter days. The cowl style collar, adds some super trendy “finesse”, to make it stand out instead of blending in.

Make it with Caron 1 pound in the color Hollyhock, or go for a variegated yarn and put some spice in your life. Whatever you choose, It’s a Wrap needs to be your next sweater on your hook!

$2.99 USD

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crop top sweater, kids sweater, crop top for kids, girls crop top sweater, girls short sweater

The Crayon Crop Top

The Crayon Crop Top is a thick and cute little sweater with your little one in mind. Designed to be added as a layering piece for that extra bit of warmth, but still managing to "keep it cute and fashionable" as my little niece would say.

Made with Premier's Serenity chunky style yarn in the color "crayon box" (hence the name), this piece works up in a few, short hours. The color scheme of this yarn gives you many choices of colors to pair this with. But if variegated isn't your thing, a  solid color is always another option. 

So what are you waiting for? Grab your hook, and make your little one The Crayon Crop Top today!

$1.99 USD

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cardi, sweater, yarn, crochet sweater crochet cardigan, chunky crochet

My Funny Valentine Cardi

Valentine’s has come and gone, this is true. But have no fear, the My Funny Valentine Cardi is the next cardigan that you need to have in your closet, and your definite “next make” on your crochet hook for the season. A thick, chunky crochet cardi that will have you feeling all the love that this sweater has to offer.

Use your favorite chunky yarn, or go the alternate route like I did and use 2 strands of yarn as 1 for the entire project. Made with Caron 1 lb yarn in soft pink, and with Vanna’s choice in shocking rose to give the sweater a “nice” pop on the trim! A variegated will also look nice too.

With the endless possibilities, and various choices, what more can you ask for? Make your funny valentine’s cardi today!

$4.99 USD

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Cupid's Cowl

Cupid’s cowl is an oversized, chunky style accessory, that will give you warmth, coziness, & cuteness all wrapped in one. It meets your everyday needs of keeping your neck bundled up and your fashion sense for style effortless.

Made with lion brand’s thick & quick bulky yarn, & an N hook, this cowl works up within a few hours time. Compliment your wardrobe with an accessory that’s versatile to wear with jeans and sneakers, or slacks and heels.

17ins in height of pure, fluffy, squishiness will have your neck and shoulders thanking you. So what are you waiting for? Let cupid shoot his arrow your way today!

$1.99 USD

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vday, scarf, cowl, valentine's day, super scarf, big scarf, red & pink scarf, crochet, scarf crochet

V-Day Mega Scarf

Love is in the air and why not make yourself feel special & whip up a  a mega triangle scarf just in time for those chilly days & cold nights. 

This scarf is worked flat in a triangle shape, and then joined in the round to form the cowl.

Crochet this piece in a solid color or use a variegated yarn like Red Heart stripes or Caron cakes to give this scarf just the right amount of color & pizzazz. The possibilities are endless.

$2.50 USD

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v-day, cardi, sweater, stripes, valentine's day, valentine's day sweater, pink, white, pink sweater

The V-Day Cardi

Ahhh February, the month of "love".  Let's make a fun and cute cardi to celebrate. The V-day cardi is 43ins. of a mixture of different stitches that work up into this cute piece that can be paired with just about anything in your closet.

Made with Caron 1lb & Big Twist value yarns, the white and blush pink colors blend perfectly. You can also choose to live a little, and mix in a variegated color to spice things up a bit. The possibilities are endless!

$4.99 USD

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crochet, sweater, pullover, yarn, chunkyknit, chunky yarn, knit, cardigan, double crochet

Love On Top Sweater

Honey, honey! The Love On Top sweater is here and ready to spread nothing but warmth and coziness through your body. 

Designed with a mix of twisted and textured stitches that gives a little flair to your average pullover sweater. The small cowl does the job of making sure your neck is warm and toasty too.

Make this with your favorite chunky yarn or 2 strands of worsted weight yarn, and whip this up in no time. So what are you waiting for? Put your love on top!

$2.99 USD

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cowl, scarf, green, lionbrand, yarn, chunky, crochet

The Green Glow Up Cowl

Thick, warm, & cozy, the Green Glow Up cowl is here to put some warmth on your body and make your soul glow.

Made with lion brand’s thick & quick bulky yarn, & an N hook, this cowl works up within a few hours time. Compliment your wardrobe with an accessory that’s versatile to wear with jeans and sneakers, or slacks and heels.

17ins in height of pure, fluffy, squishiness will have your neck and shoulders thanking you. So what are you waiting for? Get your glow on today!

$1.99 USD

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The Best of Me Sweater

Here’s another quick, fast, project to make in no time. The Best of Me sweater is a definite “do” to make and add to your wardrobe, and compliment your current situation.

Gotta run errands? Off to work? Lounging around the house? This sweater is made for ALL of those purposes. The snug cowl supplies an extra layer of warmth to keep you cozy throughout your day.

Caron 1 pound was used for mines, but choose your own favorite yarn, whether a solid or a variegated and make the Best of Me sweater for“YOU” today!

$2.99 USD

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Cross Color Sweater

Sweater weather is most definitely here, so what’s better than wearing a warm and cozy sweater? Making your own of course. Break out your hooks and get to hooking the Cross Color Sweater!

Pick out your favorite yarn, whether variegated & a solid, and whip up this comfy, cozy sweater in no time. Made up with easy hdc stitches, you can have this baby done in a day or 2. So, what are you waiting for? Make yours today!

$2.99 USD

This is for a PDF pattern.